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Travel teaches us compassion, travel enriches our lives and teaches us empathy. Travel teaches us respect for one another and the planet that is our home. There is a whole new world out there and we are here to partner you in your discovery.

We sell you nothing off a brochure. Each trip, be it a Special Interest group or an Incentive, is 100% tailor-made to your tastes and interests working to your budget and with an absolute commitment to quality. Our travel products are born of a desire to share authentic travel experiences. 

Most of us look for that “something different”  when we travel and something beyond a brochure and much beyond the same people and communities you are connected to the internet every day of your lives. More and more people find that “something different” in the communities that they visit, their customs, traditions, the food they eat and the clothes they wear. 

We at Motivate Tours & Events take great pride in the fact that we have moved completely away from the menace of mass tourism and offer tailor-made special interest travel products, unique incentives and bespoke meetings that encompass human value and cultural interaction beyond selfies. 

Special Interest Tours



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